Monday, March 11, 2013


“A Passion for Painting”
A Brief Introduction to our Third Fall Art Show
September 27 & 28, 2013
Produced by the Exhibition Committee & WOW Board
Women of Watercolor ~ A Guild of Artists

  • A Passion for Painting is a non-juried, gallery style fine art show and sale featuring original watercolor artwork by WOW members. This is a “friends and family” show in that one of the main purposes of the show is to allow guild members the opportunity to share their most recent painting accomplishments in a familiar venue.
  • In line with our teaching mission as part of our public benefit non profit work, another purpose of this show is to encourage emerging artists within the guild who have never exhibited their artwork before to make the leap and learn the pleasure and skills associated with professionally displaying one’s art.
  • Relatedly, the exhibit format has been designed to include an invitation to Linda Aman and her art students. Our show creates an excellent environment in which to recognize Linda’s abilities as a teacher and the artistic abilities of watercolor students at all levels.
  • The art show venue is the Tualatin Heritage Center, home to the Historical Society and home to Women of Watercolor. While this venue is not highly visible, the cost of producing a show here is inexpensive compared with other sites and with minimal advertising we can draw 200-300 people from the community. With a more targeted and concerted effort we can hope to draw twice that many show visitors. The primary audience for the show remains “friends and family” and it is hoped that every participant will promote the show in their own circles. A Marketing committee will be formed around this task.
  • In order to encourage full participation by our membership, the cost of entry will be low ($25 entry fee) and no commissions will be taken on sold art. In exchange for these benefits, artists will be expected to hang their art and assist with set up on Friday prior to the show and to assist with clean up after the show closes. In our experience set up takes a little longer and clean up takes less than an hour.
  • While in the past there has been a big emphasis on beautiful decorations, this year the show will have minimal decorations so there will be less intensity of effort needed in this area. Because we are doing an “Artist’s Reception” on Friday evening, we will need a small group of people to help pull this together.
  • WOW artists may hang up to 3 paintings. This limit may be altered depending on how many participants there are. Unlike previous shows, artists will not have their own panels. Paintings will be intermixed to create more visual interest.
  • Students of Linda will be juried in and limited to one piece of art per student at a reduced entry fee of $20 and will hang in a section dedicated to Linda’s students. Any of students of Linda who join WOW as new members can hang art in the main body of the show providing the same guidelines for submission are met.
  • The show will accommodate art bins with giclees and prints and also art greeting cards from WOW artists only.
  • WOW artist may put prices on their art and sell it. Artists are responsible for these transactions. An uncomplicated system for selling art cards will be used which WOW will help to facilitate. “Student showcase” artwork  (i.e., Linda’s students) is NFS (not for sale) only.
  • Prior to the show, WOW will offer workshops designed to train artists to do art shows and will also train participants in how to conduct this particular show.

“A Passion for Painting”

Major Dates and General Timeline

3/12     Begin to “invite students” at Linda’s classes to join our show.

4/2       GPS –Prospectus handed out and questions answered
            Members encouraged to begin developing personal databases of friends and family to invite
            Marketing committee pulled together

4/26     GPS—Your questions answered. Painting and more painting!

5/7       GPS & Workshop—“Preparing for Art Shows” and review of show application.
            Save the Date” electronic postcards and fliers ready to send to friends & family.

6/4       Applications and Fees and JPGs due to the Board for review.

6/17     Notification of acceptance into show is sent out by Board.

7/1       Postcards ordered incorporating names of show participants and art by some members.

8/1       Begin marketing to all of Linda’s classes so that these students come to our show.

8/28     GPS & Workshop—“Matting & Framing”

9/1       GPS—Printed postcards handed out to show participants to distribute;
            Electronic postcards in your email box.       
            Preliminary “Art Inventories” due. We need this to design show display.

9/27     ART SHOW ~ DAY 1
            10 am – 4pm ……..    Participants deliver artwork and final inventory to THC for  
                                               hanging and other setup.
            4pm – 5pm……….     Break
            5pm – 6pm ……….    Hospitality team sets up for Artist’s Reception
            6 pm…………….       MANDATORY -- Participating artists must be at THC                                           6:30 – 8:30pm…….   ARTIST’S RECEPTION
            9 pm …………….      Close for the night. Tidy up.

9/28     ART SHOW ~ DAY 2
            10 am – 4pm ……      Exhibition & Sale
            4 – 5pm ………….     Break down and clean up. No one leaves until the job is done.

2 weeks after show: Cashiering for art cards and prints tabulated and checks cut to artists.

First GPS after show: Participant and visitor feedback gathered.