Sunday, September 15, 2013

Come to Our Latest WOW Show!

What Some Women Do With Watercolor….WOW!

By Karen Berg, Vice President, WOW!

We artists of Women of Watercolor come from different backgrounds––nursing, teaching, business, and accounting. We are mothers and grandmothers, wives and sisters, and some retirees--each drawn to watercolor. Maybe, it was seeing beautifully executed paintings at an art show that originally inspired us, or wanting to get back into art after many years. We felt the "call" and began taking art classes. 
          Learning to paint with watercolor begins slowly, cautiously. What will the color do in water? Where will the water take the color? How will the color react on the paper? Can I make it do what I want? It's a bit scary, especially for one who likes to be in control. 
          Some of us are uncertain as to our ability and talent. Do we have what it takes? Others are more confident. We paint, take classes, share ideas, and support each other. We practice and grow, developing our own styles. Some have painted for a time; others only a short while. What happens? With each year we are together, our paintings become better; some are well done. We see we are creating beautiful paintings. We gain confidence and are willing to take on new challenges. We put our art before judges and join art societies. We move forward to enter shows and to put on our own show.
          As an artist guild and individuals, it is time for Women of Watercolor (us) again to take our art to the next level by sharing our paintings. Will others like and enjoy our art work? We believe (hope) so. We’ve booked the Tualatin Heritage Center (8700 SW Sweek Drive, Tualatin) for Friday, September 27th and Saturday, September 28th, so that we can bring you (our) Women of Watercolor’s Fall Art Show entitled, “A Passion for Painting.” We invite you to come see our work and meet the artists at the Artist Reception on Friday evening from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. (The event is free, and parking is available at the adjacent Police Station parking lot.) Show hours on Saturday are from 10am to 4pm.
          We believe art is most appreciated when shared with others. WOW artists enter formal art shows, some with trepidation, some with cautious optimism. Some of our artists win prestigious awards; some sell their art work. We put on our own shows to share our art in a more intimate way with WOW members, fellow artists, family, friends, and the community. We have been delighted to see the support the public has given us by coming to our shows.  
          Each artist feels fortunate and rewarded to share a piece of herself when a piece of art is bought, seeing that her art is appreciated and meaningful to someone else. Whether we win awards and sell art or not, most important, is the self-realization and recognition that after traveling through this journey, each of us, through passion and hard work, has become an "artist” 
          You can learn more about the details about of our Fall Art Show “A Passion for Painting” at the community art news blogsite Now Art Portland! at: